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Helvella Art: Pride Is Not A Crime

Updated: May 16, 2023

I’m excited to announce pieces from the Mistral series will be shown in the Helvella Art "Pride Is Not A Crime" group show!

Celebrate Pride with a dazzling showcase of art from talented LGBTQIA+ artists!

The Helvella Art exhibition, "Pride Is Not A Crime" is a colorful and inspiring celebration of identity and community, with a wide range of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, and more.

The exhibition showcases the unique perspectives and experiences of LGBTQ+ artists, exploring themes of love, self-expression, and resilience. You'll see works that capture the spirit of Pride and celebrate the vibrant LGBTQIA+ community.

Featuring Artists:

Abel Manalo, AJ Schnettler, Angela Ramones, Artemis Laura Schatzkin, Austin Boe, Bao-Khang Luu, Camilo Villa, Caroline Stjarnborg, Cass Macgowan, Chasindoodles, Dani Lopez, DeenasanteArt, Don Hershman, Dvora Gordon, Enda Taylor, Eric Bogue, Heather Robinson, Isaac Jasper Amala, Jeremy Novy, JJ Quinn, Joey Sweazey, Joseph Abbati, Martin Hsu, Meehaun Glasper-Wade, Megan Levine, Melanie Tsanglang, Natalia Riveros, Nick Maltagliati, Paulina Hoong, Phillip Hua, Ryan Martin, Seibot, Steven Stodor, Tilde Thurium, Tori Ntxoo Hong, Vicki Xu, Yabette Swank, Yosiell Lorenzo and Zoe Ani

Pride Is Not A Crime

May 27 - June 24

Helvella Art

850 42nd Ave, Suite 2H, Oakland CA 94601



May 27 | 6-9PM | Helvella Art

Food by Porchparty

Spoken Word by Giovanna Lomanto

You are invited invite you to join this incredible exhibit and kiki with all the celebrants! Extravaganza, Eleganza, and bold self expression encouraged and welcome!

See you there!


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