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My father, a Vietnamese refugee rebuilding a life in the US, repaired and created stuff we needed. Only later in life did I appreciate the perspective required to build and cherish the ersatz. A design education in creative material usage revealed the innate possibilities of everyday things.


I work with different materials, but a couple of threads run through my art. The first idea is that everything has inherent beauty and intrinsic value. I ask the viewer to reconsider things we might not usually give a second thought to. The second idea is location. Each series is linked to a specific place. 


My practice has spanned the realms of dance, installation, interactive technology, and traditional media. I have garnered national television appearances (The Nate Berkus Show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Flea Market Flip) and media buzz (Surface, Inhabitat, Apartment Therapy) for my approach to upcycling in home decor. 


I hold a BFA in Design (UT Austin), MFA in Design and Technology (Parsons NY), and certification in Sustainable Entrepreneurship (FIT NY).


I currently live in Zurich with my husband and two sons.


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