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2358 MRKT Gallery: Representation

Can a person be in two places at once? I was relocating my family to Switzerland. However, I needed to be in San Francisco to maintain the momentum of my art practice. What a conundrum! During a reception for the Cool Summer Vibes exhibition, 2358MRKT Gallery broached the possibility of representation. We finalized the contract just days before I had to pack everything into a transatlantic shipping container. Now, my Mistral series lives in San Francisco and is available exclusively through 2358MRKT Gallery.

Being a represented artist is momentous. It indicates my work has artistic merit while also being sellable. The gallery has widened my network and increased my exposure significantly. I have a partner who focuses on business, so I can focus more on creating.

My artistic success hinges greatly upon my network and supporters. Without my champions and advocates, I could NOT have achieved this important milestone!

2358 MRKT Gallery 2358 Market St. Ste. 1 San Francisco, CA 94114


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