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How To Make a Dress Shirt Pillow Sham in 6 Easy Steps

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Here's a quick and super-easy way to give your well-loved button-up shirt a second life as a comfy throw pillow. Go make some throw pillows!


  • dress shirt

  • pillow or pillow insert It should be slightly smaller than your shirt.

  • scissors

  • pencil or chalk

  • pins

  • sewing machine or sewing needle

  • thread


  1. Button up shirt around your pillow

  2. Position your pillow on the shirt

  3. Mark up your shirt

  4. Pin your shirt and cut out the sham

  5. Sew all the open edges

  6. Finally, unpin, unbutton, stuff the sham, and rebutton the sham

Useful tips

  • You can also use women’s blouses. Try large, bright prints and different fabrics that can complement your specific decor.


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