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Minjic Interview

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Minjic interviewed me in their podcast. We delved into my creative process and I share personal stories about balancing life as a full-time parent and artist.

"Embracing both his role as a designer-turned-artist and the joys of family life, Bao-Khang Luu has tapped into his creativity and unearthed the artist within. Amidst the moments spent as the primary carer for his newborn baby alongside his husband, Luu finds equilibrium by pouring his experiences as part of the LGBTQA community into his abstract art. Spending time with his newborn, Luu became more aware of his desire to leave a legacy behind. While his artistic endeavors often respond to broader humanity concerns like sustainability, he also acknowledges that his art is a gift to his family. A turning point in Luu’s journey occurred when a Swiss gallerist discovered his talent, prompting him to firmly embrace his artist identity by, as he told us, 'changing his LinkedIn profile title.' In this episode, you will hear more about Luu’s practices, process, and journey of trying to unblock himself creatively and pursue the dream life he has always wanted."



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